Adventures In Urban Homesteading

So I’m calling it “the farm”, in quotations, because that’s what my daughter has dubbed it ever since we got these sweet peeps back in February.

OK, not so much peeps anymore, but still sweet.

Right now it’s just a modest barn with enough room for some chickens and a few acres of uncultivated land for my garden. Our own little urban homestead.

My husband and I bought this foreclosed property about two years ago and we’ve been working on it non-stop since. It’s a work in progress, a lot of work in a state of never-ending progress. But having this land is so worth it for my family, for our health, not only physically but also mentally.

For my kids, it’s a great learning experience. They’re learning about the plants and animals that we raise for food. Understanding where our food comes from and bonding with and respecting the earth and animals that provide for us. It’s a magical give and take that I was fortunate enough to have experienced on my grandfather’s farm for a brief time when I was young. My hopes are that they will take away knowledge and life lessons that they can carry with them and promote into the future for their children.

For me, besides being an adventure (and who doesn’t love a good adventure), it’s a way to get food that I know exactly where it came from and what is put into it, which makes me feel great instead of having to worry about what we’re consuming. It’s the freshest food I’ll ever get and it’s right there for me when I open my backdoor!

Anyway, I’ve decided to share the progress and the mishaps, the good sides and down sides, and any other learning and knowledge that I gain along the way of creating this urban homestead, in hopes that it will inspire you to get excited about your own garden or starting you’re own urban homestead.

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2 thoughts on “Adventures In Urban Homesteading

  1. I was just poking around Pintrest looking for something NEW – you would think with so much on there it wouldn’t be that hard BUT I am partial to people who like to talk about their chickens and homesteading so my field of interest is rather narrow!! I saw your post (and subscribed to the blog!) as it is always nice to see new information out there! LOVE the pic of your chickens by the way! We have a mixed flock of 13 and love them to DEATH which was NOT the original plan but hey, I go with the flow!

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