Easter dinner, it’s a tradition.

So I haven’t talked much about my inspiration for starting this blog. But, it’s all about mom. And what better way to celebrate her than her tradition for Easter dinner. Every year on Easter, without a doubt, my mother is all about making this a special time for family.

Yes…we will complain at times. Oh mom, why make it all so difficult? Do we have to pull out the china (that we will be washing by hand for the rest of the second part of the day)? Why not just order something. Don’t go through the hassle. I’ve become the worst about this! Especially dealing with two small children who are less than willing to try new things, let alone eat much. I want to throw my cookbooks out the window, order McDonald’s sometimes. What is the point, right?

Well I can say that besides being my inspiration for good food, my mother has taught me a good lesson. It’s that no matter how much what you do might not seem to matter at the time, it’s worth the memories that those actions create, not only for yourself but for your children. Creating not only good food, but also memories that will last a lifetime.

This Easter, my memories were reawakened with this special meal that my mom went out of her way to share with us. This is where I leave my struggles with what to eat and just enjoy family and good food. I hope that everyone has enjoyed the same. Happy Easter!

Beside a honey glazed ham, these are the delicious sides…creamed corn, new potatoes and peas with smoked Gouda and bacon…




And a salad with mixed greens, pear, gorgonzola, glazed pecans in a pear honey dressing. Mmmm mmm


I finally put my fork down.


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