Grilled Corn with Lime and Chili Powder aka Bhutta

I was recently researching Indian spices and I ran across a most amazing way to eat corn. It’s Bhutta! Typically served by street vendors in India, it’s roasted over hot coals and then served hot with lime and chili powder. Ya just dip the lime in the chili powder and then squeeze and rub it all over the corn. The lime, chili powder combination with the sweet corn is truly incredible.

I made mine on a gas grill and it turned out great. Here’s how I did it.

To start you’ll need some good fresh corn. Then get some butter, limes and chili powder. Yes that’s it. I love some simple!

I chose this organic red chili powder made specifically for Indian dishes. Indian red chili powder is different from the standard chili powder that you see on your store shelves. Standard store bought chili powder contains other spices that are geared more toward Mexican cooking. Indian red chili powder is just that, the powder of red chilies.

First place corn in water and soak for at least 4 hours or up to 8. The longer you soak, the more water you’re corn will retain and the better it will steam on the grill inside the husks.

Once your corn has finished its soak, heat the grill to low heat. Place the corn on the grill shut the lid and cook for about 15-20 minutes, rotating occasionally. Test your corn for tenderness. Then remove corn from the grill and let it cool enough to pull back husks and remove the silk. It’s much easier to remove the silks after they’ve steamed. Take a pat or two of butter and rub it over the warm corn. Now increase the grill heat to medium and put the corn back on the grill. Grill until slightly charred. Now they are ready to serve with some quartered limes and chili powder.

Just writing this post was making my mouth water. That’s how good it was.

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