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Susanna Phillips Food Blogger at Instinctive Eats instinctiveeats.comHi! I’m Susanna and I am currently living in North Carolina with my husband Pat and two children. I quit my job in 2010 as an Advertising Art Director to stay home with my children full-time. Since then, as they’ve gotten older and more independent, I’ve become less independent and a wee bit antsy. So what better way to fill my time when they are away than with my passion for cooking healthy and delicious food!

First of all, I grew up being a picky eater. (Probably a little worse than most typical kids.) I absolutely dreaded trying anything new or different, and at that point in time, I didn’t see the point…

I mean food is just food, right?

How wrong could I have been for so many years! As usually comes with age, I suppose I started to become bored with the status quo and longed for new experiences. So I said goodbye to the bland and started to journey out through the endless sea of flavors that different combinations of foods can offer. I finally started to enjoy food instead of seeing it as my enemy. But along this journey I had also realized how much I had ignored the effect that certain foods had, not only on my body, but on my mind.

This lead to my interest in researching different ways to eat over the past few years, from the raw diet, to blood type diet, to paleo diet, to bullet proof diet. I’m not sold on any of them fully. But I will say with my experimentation and my personal experiences, that I believe there are some aspects from each that seemed to have helped my physical and/or mental well-being. I’ve slowly tried to merge these into my regular diet. When I say slowly, I mean slowly. It takes time to undo years of habit and indoctrination into a diet that was “supposed” to be healthy.

In addition, I tried to educate myself about the hot food topics and concerns of the day, like non-GMO foods, food allergies, gluten-free foods, organic foods, grass-fed beef and food lectins. Even though I believe that many of these issues are legit and can seriously affect your health and the way you feel…I’m also not a purist with anything in my life and would never eliminate the joys of life by restricting myself of anything to the point of misery. I believe eating and good food should be an experience and enjoyed, not a burden or a hassle that interrupts living.

To top it all off, I’ve decided to start creating my own urban homestead. It’s a process and always in progress. But creating my own source of fuel for my body gets me all giddy. I like the idea of having the freshest most natural food at my fingertips whenever I want.

I’m always learning and forever in search of the healthiest foods, without sacrificing flavor, that make me feel my best, both physically and mentally. I think when we find these foods we just instinctively know it!

Now that you know more about me, it’s my turn to learn a little more about you, so feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions.

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