Steamed Artichokes

I have never had the opportunity to prepare or eat whole artichokes. So now that I have some, I’m ready for this new experience.

In researching how to cook and eat these otherworldly looking vegetables. I learned many things I did not know about them. Did you know that an artichoke is actually the closed bud of a flower? Or, that you don’t actually eat the whole artichoke, just the heart, and scrape off the white flesh of the petal with your teeth? I love learning about these things!

So apparently you can either boil or steam artichokes. Some people like to grill them after steaming, which I plan to try later.

Here I’m going to show you how to prepare an artichoke for eating by steaming.

First rinse your artichoke and remove dirt. Then trim the stem, but not completely. Leave about an inch. Remove any small leaves at the base of the stem. Then cut off about 1/3 off of the tip of the artichoke. Now remove the points of the remaining petals with kitchen shears.


Cut the artichokes lengthwise either in half or in quarters. Remove the fibers from the artichoke heart. Be careful, these fibers are very fine and soft, but they stuck me a few times.


Squeeze fresh lemon juice over the artichokes to keep them from browning. After you’ve done all of that, they should look like this.


Now they are ready to steam. Take a pot and add water. Add your steamer and place the artichokes cut side down. Cover and steam for 15-20 min.

They look pretty good. I can’t wait to try them.


In my next post I explain how to take your steamed artichokes and grill them with this awesome recipe; GRILLED ARTICHOKES WITH MINT, LEMON AND GARLIC COMPOUND BUTTER.

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